Our Daily Activity Schedule
Drop off / Breakfast / Free Play Time
(Fisher Price Toys-Puzzles-Magnet Boards-Books-Learning Activity Cards)

9:00 - 10:00
Fine Motor Skills Play / Sharing Activities  (PlayDoh / Coloring / Puzzles / Shape Sorters / Lacing Cards)
Tummy Time / 1:1 Play Time for Infants
Snacks and Beverages as needed
Reading Circle - Music Circle

Gross Motor Activities
(Music / Dance / Swing-Slide / Simple Games / Exercise Time)
Outside Activities (as weather permits)
Nap Time for Morning Nappers

Lunch / Quiet Time Play
(Books / Pretend Play with Picnic Set / Stuffed Animals - Play Food)

Nap Time for Afternoon Nappers
Individual Time-Child's Choice
(Reading-Music-Arts and Crafts Activity-Puzzles-Coloring-Letter
-Numbers-Color Recognition Cards)
Outside Activities (as weather permits)

Free Play/Board Games/Group Activity Play
Additional Individual Time (Reading-Music-Puzzles-Letter-Numbers-Coloring) 
Tummy Time/ 1:1 Play Time for Infants
Snacks and Beverages as needed
Pick Ups as Scheduled

Simple Games / Waffle Blocks / Block Table / 
Outside Activities (as weather permits)
Pick Ups as Scheduled

Swampscott Family Child Care
Committed To Providing Quality Family Child Care Services.